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Welcome to Happy Hub Collective – your hub for feeling your best through creativity. Our mission is to create a joyful space where you can connect, create, and share. By taking time for ourselves, we become a source of positive change for others, starting with the simple act of being present and getting creative!



Welcome to Happy Hub Collective, your creative haven in Perth, Australia! Founded by Shiloh Blondel, we're dedicated to fostering creativity, connection, and community engagement through our diverse range of artistic experiences.

At Happy Hub Collective, we believe in the transformative power of art and community in promoting mental and emotional wellbeing. Our workshops, led by passionate artists and facilitators, cover a broad spectrum of artistic mediums including ceramics, painting, jewelry making, flower arranging and more!

We're proud to have partnered with esteemed organisations such as Carers WA, Cold Nips, Groundswell Festival, Riot Tinto, and Home Buyers Perth to bring our creative workshops to a wider audience. These partnerships exemplify our commitment to collaboration and community enrichment.

Join us at Happy Hub Collective and discover the joy of creativity, the warmth of community, and the power of personal growth. Let's create something beautiful together!

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